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Prometheus Meetup in Singapore

On Thursday 23 November 2017 we held the inaugural Prometheus Meetup in Singapore at honestbee in our Delta House office. It was an introductory session on Prometheus, an open source systems monitoring and alerting toolkit, the first session for the Prometheus meetup community in Singapore which will focus on the topic of monitoring modern cloud native infrastructure. The event was attended by about thirty individuals from the software engineering sector and hosted by Cloudflare Site Reliability Engineers together with honestbee DevOps Engineer, Vincent De Smet. Continue reading

Meet Ankita, our engineering lead who does it all

Ankita, or “Anki”, as she’s known to her family, has been in honestbee since July 2015. Besides being a passionate software engineer, she’s also a compassionate individual using her talents for good. 

What brought you to honestbee?

I was looking for a company with growth opportunities in technology. At that point, in the quaint honestbee office in Niven road, the small team was developing exciting things. I was actually sceptical but I felt that it would be a good move because it promised an exciting journey and I was interested to be a part of the company’s launch preparations. I actually felt like I had joined too late. The people who had joined before me had so much more context and seemed to know everything that was going on. After six months though, I felt like I had been here forever.

How would you describe honestbee?

It’s a company with some of the warmest and kindest people I’ve met. It has a very appreciative culture, giving credit where its due.  Obviously things have changed since the beginning when it was much smaller but the fast pace of the company has remained, although I like this speed in which we move.   Continue reading