Diversity In Tech: It Starts With Respect

When it comes to diversity in tech, #TheStruggleIsReal. In an industry dominated by males spotting a couple of stereotypes, industry-leading organisations are calling for a larger focus on diversity and multiculturalism. Where recruiting any top talent has proved to be a major challenge any start-up founders would face, diversity has proved to be needful.

Facebook hired Maxine Williams as its global director of diversity in 2013. One of her most notable efforts was overhauling the Managing Bias training course to help individuals understand their possible biasness. Through real-world examples, employees were taught to work on pre-emptive solutions. Google, the first tech giant to publicly release its diversity numbers, has also pledged to “unite this dialogue around diversity in the tech industry”, its director of diversity and inclusion Yolanda Mangolini said.

You might be thinking, “Why the hoo-hah over diversity and multiculturalism? We are a small team and not all tech companies have access to resources like Facebook and Google.” You might also be thinking, “How can a small startup foster an environment conducive for minorities?” For us at honestbee, it starts with respect. Our experience in having a diverse team also bought about a positive impact on our business and the culture we are building. Here are some tips on how you can build a team that is diverse and multicultural based on our experience.

Respect Different Perspectives Diversity Brings 

Working with a team of individuals from different backgrounds, culture and education is great. This means that a broader range of insights and ideas will be brought to the table. For the team to work efficiently together though, mutual respect is key.

It is important that team members keep an open mind and open communication channel. Remember, different departments have to work together quite closely. It’s best that the working relationship is kept at optimum to be able to solve things more creatively as a team.

Integrating People from Different Backgrounds into the Local Culture

Starting a new job is difficult enough, let alone starting a new job in a new city and a new culture. You can imagine how nerve-wrecking or frustrating it must be when you step into an office where no one understands you. Think about this: no one knows what you’re saying and what you’re trying to achieve.

Here at honestbee, our social committee ensures that team members integrate well with each other. We encourage informal engagement sessions during lunch or after work so as to learn more about each other. We also take them out during the weekends for them to experience the fun side of Singapore, such as cycling, paintball and soccer sessions. Just a few weekends ago, we even had a little tour at Gardens by the Bay for the new joiners!

Talent Scouting in Different Places

Instead of going to the same universities for new talents, honestbee works with different colleges. We strive for gender balance and having a global team. We also hold culture interviews to ensure that potential employees have aligned cultural beliefs.

To date, we have dedicated employees from 29 countries across the globe, including Taiwan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, France, Germany, Romania. Close to half of our employees are females.

Diversity and multiculturalism in tech is not a new conversation. It’s been talked about, and some companies have even been working on it for years. As a young company that’s barely a year old, we are definitely proud of our small gains. But at the same time, we are committed to improving and fostering a better work environment. Diversity brings so much more to our products and services. It adds so much colour, passion and nuances, which in return, benefits our customers.

We‘d be happy to engage in a diversity discussion. Hit us up if you want to speak!

Energise Your Brain with These Superfoods

Hint: Caffeine is not the brain’s best friend


Repeat after me: “Caffeine is not the best way to keep your brain awake.” Its effects are short term. Besides, an overdose will make you jittery and uncomfortable.

Norma Jean has it right – “if you were observing all the rules, you’d never have gotten anywhere”. Are you betting on “veteran advice” for the golden hours of drinking black coffee to stay productive? Or perhaps the “tried and tested” herbivore diet to reduce the chance of food coma after lunch? Stop. You would probably end up hungry by 3pm everyday and eating more instead. That’s simply because black coffee temporarily increases your metabolism when you don’t really have much to burn anyway.

Though everyone absorbs nutrients differently based on their own unique biochemical identity, here are five expert-approved superfoods that freshen your mind and boost brain power to keep you energised.

  1. Berries – Protect brain cells from harmful free radicals

shutterstock_268783751“In addition to their now well-known antioxidant effects, dietary supplementation with berry fruits have direct effects on the brain,” according to researcher Marshall Miller, of the USDA-ARS Human Nutrition Research Centre on Aging. The large amount of antioxidants protects brain cells from being damaged by harmful free radicals. It also changes the way your neurons communicate with each other to improve movement control and function.

  1. Tomatoes – Great for preventing Alzheimer’s

shutterstock_141644017Tomatoes are well-known for being warriors that fight against prostate cancer because of its lycopene and beta-carotene content. Did you know that lycopene is also strong enough to fight against  free radical damage to cells which occurs in the development of dementia, particularly Alzheimer’s? Similarly, they are also good for the heart, the immune system, the skin and tissue lining… You know what, just eat tomatoes if you are not already doing so.

  1. Broccoli – Superstar packed with essential vitamins

shutterstock_166838546A study by researchers at King’s College London revealed that broccoli come high in lignans. It is a phytoestrogen compound that has been shown to benefit cognitive actions. If you have been experiencing short term memory, eating broccoli would be your express ticket out. In fact, broccoli is a superstar vegetable that not only tastes great, but is power-packed with essential vitamins, minerals and fibre. 

  1. Avocados – Improve blood flow for a healthier brain

shutterstock_279523388“Avocados are almost as good as blueberries in promoting brain health,” says Steven Pratt, MD, author of Superfoods Rx: Fourteen Foods Proven to Change Your Life. Monounsaturated fat in Avocados are known to improve blood flow and lower blood pressure, promoting better brain health. If you have been rejecting Avocados because you think they are too fatty, now is the time to put them back on the grocery list.

  1. Spinaches, Kales and Mustard Greens – Slow cognitive decline

shutterstock_291502325Spinach was the superfood Popeye relied on to save Olive whenever she was in trouble. Little did he know that while growing his muscles, he was also improving his memory. Martha Clare Morris, Sc.D., assistant provost for community research at Rush University Medical Center and his team conducted a study to find out how adding greens to our diet could help slow cognitive decline. The study examined 954 older adults for an average of five years. Results show that participants who consumed greater amounts of green leafy vegetables such as Kale, Spinach and Mustard Greens had the cognitive ability of a person 11 years younger than those who consumed none.

Get them now on honestbee!

These superfoods are available on honestbee via our latest farm to table partner merchants – Sustenir Agriculture, Thygrace and Pasir Panjang Fruits. Savour the best farm-fresh produce that are harvested and sent to you directly when you shop with us.

Anjali Chocolate Making Workshop – #GiveMumTime

This Mother’s Day, we created a little special time for mums to spend with their loved ones. Watch the video and celebrate with them!

Planning to #GiveMumTime? Save time with our convenient same-day, 1-hour grocery delivery service!

Simply order online and let our personal concierge shoppers handpick the freshest products for you and your mum.

Enjoy Flexible Employment Opportunities with honestbee and Earn Up To $14 an Hour


Creating sustainable and flexible income opportunities

honestbee is an on-demand grocery concierge service. We match demand and supply in the delivery of groceries and household products. Our nimble and efficient business model enables Singaporeans from all walks of life to earn money on days and time slots that best suit their schedules.

We engage Singaporeans to take on both shopping and delivery tasks. Since launching in July 2015, honestbee has engaged over a thousand Shopper Bees (as they are affectionately known) in Singapore and our workforce continues to grow each week.

Complete a quiz and attend a training session to become a Shopper Bee

honestbee is growing quickly and we hope to double the number of Bees registered with us by the end of this year. We are actively working with WDA, the CDCs and various social enterprises to offer career opportunities to job-seekers.

Shopper Bees should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Singapore Citizen or PR
  • at least 18 years of age
  • use an iOS or Android smartphone
  • able to lift up to 10kg

Signing up is quick and easy – eligible applicants can simply log on to to complete a simple quiz. Successful applicants will attend a training at the honestbee office to learn more about the role and to be equipped with the necessary skills to be a concierge shopper.

Earn up to $14 an hour as a Shopper Bee

As our business is built around an on-demand model, compensation offered to Shopper Bees is similarly dependent on demand and available supply. The Bee compensation structure is simple and transparent, and we communicate this to shoppers on a regular basis. The prevailing basic pay is $5.00 per hour with an incentive of $0.20 for each line item picked correctly. Shopper Bees who are able to handpick up to 45 items an hour (around 80 seconds to locate and pick each item), will earn $9.00 in incentives, and a total of $14.00 on an hourly basis. This is significantly higher than the typical part-time wage of $7.00 per hour in similar industries.

The life of a Bee

Here’s what some of our Shopper Bees are saying about their experience so far:

“I love being a Bee because it keeps me connected with the community when I help customers to shop! Being a bee also widens my knowledge on products, some of which I didn’t even know existed. It improves my multitasking skills, ability to work fast without making mistakes and to stay calm under pressure.”

“As a new Shopper Bee on the honestbee team, the experience has been very fun and enjoyable. The job offers a good balance of pace and increases your grocery shopping skills to a whole new level. The honestbee shopper team is warm and welcoming and from all walks of life. Imagine working with a team of friends! This simple routine of shopping for groceries has made me more service-conscious and more task-oriented.”

Broader opportunities with honestbee

honestbee constantly aims to increase the productivity of our Bees by innovating and leveraging technology. Improvements to our technology enable us to better match supply and demand, as well as help our Bees pick faster and more accurately. This increase in productivity enables our Bees to consistently earn more money.

We also provide guidance and encouragement to our Shopper Bees through our app, which enables them to build skills and be better equipped to perform their roles. Shoppers who perform well are then given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and earn higher hourly compensation.

On top of offering on-demand work opportunities, honestbee strives to identify talent within our pool of Bees. Shoppers who consistently show excellent performance have been identified and invited to join our company on a full-time basis as supervisors or coordinators, or even other available roles within our company.

Spend a day with honestbee Superbee, Ralph

Ralph is young, outgoing, and enjoys an active lifestyle. He was looking for an exciting job that keeps him on his feet when his brother, an honestbee coordinator, suggested joining honestbee.

After completing National Service, Ralph applied for a job at honestbee as a Shopper Bee and Delivery Bee. Today, Ralph is a Supervisor and all-round Superbee. He’s best known around the honestbee headquarters for riding his kitted out e-bike to the office, and for his energetic and positive vibes, which we all adore.

We caught up with Ralph to find out more about his honestbee experience.

Tell us about your honestbee experience

Joining honestbee has given me the opportunity to learn, progress and contribute to the organisation. I love working in an ever-changing and dynamic environment. It’s challenging and there’s a constant stream of work to be done.

“In a startup, you’re a part of something much greater. Your contribution makes a real difference. The excitement is wonderfully overwhelming.”

Being a part of honestbee is just like creating a community and making new friends along the way. We are a growing family that is making something out of nothing, working with people who are here for the same reasons as you are.

And that’s a great thing to be a part of.

Why did you become a Superbee?

Well, I was curious about the logistics business and I wanted to learn more about it. In order to do that, I tried my hand at several roles, which form the honestbee logistics network. My nickname is Superbee because I’ve experienced being a Shopper, e-bike Deliverer, and Supervisor.

I’m the only Bee who uses an e-bike to deliver orders to customers (for now), and I enjoy it as it keeps the wind in my hair while I work. And I feel super satisfied when I see the smile on a customer’s face when they receive their order.

What is your typical day like?

9am – 1pm… I collect the e-bike from the office and cycle to the stores and fetch orders. I also check on the concierge shoppers to see if they need any help with shopping, checking out of items, and packing.

1pm – 2pm... Thanks to the flexibility of the job, I can visit my mother at lunchtime and bring her something interesting to eat and spend some time with her.

2pm – 3pm… In the afternoon, I usually ride my e-bike and hand out flyers. Or spend time with shoppers and supervisors and guide them through any challenges they are facing.

3pm – 5pm… This is the busiest time of the day after the late morning rush. When a live order pops up on my phone, I’ll ride my e-bike to visit the respective stores and collect the items to be delivered to customers. How fast can I get from store to customer’s door? I’m very fast *puts helmet on*.

Interested in joining Ralph and the honestbee shopper and delivery squad? Apply to become a Bee now.

Geok Lian’s guide to picking the freshest fruits & veggies in-store

Every fruit and vegetable has its own signature of freshness. Choosing the freshest and tastiest produce is a combination of seasonal knowledge, and using one’s senses.

As a housewife and part-time Shopper Bee, Geok Lian Ng makes it her duty to select the finest produce for her family and honestbee customers.

“Whether I’m shopping for my family or honestbee customers, I will take the time to choose the best fruits and veggies on offer.”


When it comes to handpicking the freshest produce in-store, you can trust honestbee concierge shoppers like Geok Lian Ng.

We caught up with Geok Lian as she shared some of her tips and tricks for identifying ripe fruits and ready-to-eat vegetables at the supermarket.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Vegetables

Continue reading

How to host an Easter egg hunt

No one adores Easter more than the kids. Make the holiday an even more memorable occasion by inviting your friends and their little ones for a fun-filled day.

Baskets ready? The hunt is on!

DIY invitation cards

Cheerful invitations set the tone for a fun-filled family gathering. Make your own invitation cards with the kids as a fun after-school activity. It’ll be a welcome break from homework!


Prize-filled eggs

Stuff plastic Easter eggs with prizes such as stickers, miniature toys, stationery, and candy bracelets. Make hard-to-find golden eggs an extra special treasure with $1 coins and $2 notes — just remember where you hid them.

Easter decorations

A garland of balloons is a simple yet festive way to decorate any space. And don’t forget to get some inexpensive baskets and attach name tags for the kids to write their names on.

Easter picnic

Refreshing drinks, popsicles, sandwiches and finger foods are great things to serve at an Easter egg hunt. Fill a picnic basket with snacks and Easter goodies. Or try your hand at making these sweet and savoury Easter recipes.

Hunting for Easter Eggs

If you have a large group of children, pair the younger kids with the older ones to keep the game fair and mark a home base for each team. When the hunt starts, one player from each team can take turns to find five eggs before returning to the home base and tagging the next team mate.

When you’re certain that all the eggs have been found, it’s time to tally the results and reward the winners with prizes. Have enough prizes for everyone, because everyone’s a winner at Easter.

Need some help with Easter egg hunt decorations? Our designers at honestbee have produced some egg-stra special Easter-themed drawings just for you. Download and print honestbee Easter illustrations.

Sweet and savoury Easter recipes

Celebrate Easter with a mouthwatering braised chicken dish, and homemade hot cross buns. These classic recipes are sure to be instant crowd pleasers. 

We hope you enjoy these recipe cards from our designers at honestbee.

Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

Savour the warmth of a familiar chicken meal over the long weekend, made more adventurous with a dash of chestnuts and tasty seasoning.

recipes-blog (1)

Recipe from Knorr

Hot Cross Buns

Previously synonymous with Easter, these buns are now making regular appearances in lunch boxes for the young and old. You’ve tried the store-bought version,  now try to make your own oven-fresh hot cross buns.


Recipe from Jamie Oliver

Get your Easter groceries delivered on the same day, within your selected 1-hour window. Shop now

7 egg-stra special offerings from our Easter store

Fill your basket with special treats from Anjali Chocolat, Gastronomia, and Da Paolo this Easter. Your sweet tooth will tingle for these masterful creations. Even though some of these chocolate extravaganzas are too beautiful to gobble up… at least, right away.


Anjali Chocolat Easter Bunny (50g) available in Belgian milk chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, and Belgian white chocolate, $10


Anjali Chocolat Easter Chicken (80g) available in Belgian milk chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, and Belgian white chocolate, $12


Laurent Bernard Large Egg 12.5cm with 1 small rabbit, $40


Laurent Bernard Small Rabbits in plastic egg shell, $15


Da Paolo Bunny Cupcake available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, $4.80 each


Niederegger Marzipan Bunny & Egg Variation 175g, $23.80


La Molina Chocolate Egg in Jar 2 x 90g available in white chocolate and dark chocolate), $28.80


Check out more Easter specials at the honestbee Easter store now.

 Happy Easter!

Win a Private Fine Dining Experience at Home!

Win a private chef service
Stand a chance to experience fine dining at home with a private chef!
From now till 11th Nov, make an order on honestbee for Gastronomia items and comment your order number below. Finally, tag a friend whom you want to enjoy the meal with. One lucky winner will be selected.
Good luck! 
Terms & Conditions:

-All residents in Singapore above 21 years old can take part in this contest

-This contest ends on 11th Nov 2015, 11:59PM

-Participants have to complete an order from Gastronomia Da Paolo on between 6th-11th Nov 2015, and tag a friend in order to qualify for the contest

-One winner will be selected via a lucky draw after 11th Nov

-Private chef service will be provided by honestbee in the winner’s home

-honestbee reserves the right to amend all terms and conditions without prior notice