Geok Lian’s guide to picking the freshest fruits & veggies in-store

Every fruit and vegetable has its own signature of freshness. Choosing the freshest and tastiest produce is a combination of seasonal knowledge, and using one’s senses.

As a housewife and part-time Shopper Bee, Geok Lian Ng makes it her duty to select the finest produce for her family and honestbee customers.

“Whether I’m shopping for my family or honestbee customers, I will take the time to choose the best fruits and veggies on offer.”


When it comes to handpicking the freshest produce in-store, you can trust honestbee concierge shoppers like Geok Lian Ng.

We caught up with Geok Lian as she shared some of her tips and tricks for identifying ripe fruits and ready-to-eat vegetables at the supermarket.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Vegetables

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 您昨天應該是在 honestbee 與一間販賣保育動物食材的合作提醒信件中驚醒,看到無尾熊、貓熊及老虎…等動物正在線上販售。「這一點都不好笑」、「我要永遠抵制你們」,是的,這是一個極為嚴肅的議題,不該被無視,不能成為玩笑,更應該被嚴厲的抵制。因為非法交易瀕臨絕種動物,正真實的在您生活周遭上演。

honestbee 無法容忍,更不願成為共犯。因此我們選擇了具有風險的倡導方式,只為喚醒大家對此議題的關注,希望每一個人,在發現任何非法的販售行為時,都能勇於發聲,並實際採取行動。
「高品質」是一個模糊的概念。作為一個國際企業,honestbee 的具體堅持是,只跟誠實且具有良心的廠商合作,每一個上架的商品,都是我們自己願意吃下肚的食物,是符合人道道德、環境道德的商品,否則,我們無以告訴我們的消費者,我們提供品質保證。相信也正是如此,這次的事件才會引起軒然大波 
最後,對於引起您不舒服的情緒,honestbee再次致上最深的歉意。希望您撥出幾分鐘的時間,瀏覽這些值得支持的組織網站,而您選購所支付的金額,honestbee 也將全數捐給動物保育相關組織,將大家對於這個議題的憤怒,轉換成最實際的幫助。


Joel Sng


*charities include WWF, WRS, SaveTheKoala


*honestbee僅為捐款媒介,與以下組織無合作關係, 您即為受款組織的直接捐款者。

(1) (2) /files/avavision/issue2_2015/animal-agenda-combatting-illegal-wildlife-trade.html


How to host an Easter egg hunt

No one adores Easter more than the kids. Make the holiday an even more memorable occasion by inviting your friends and their little ones for a fun-filled day.

Baskets ready? The hunt is on!

DIY invitation cards

Cheerful invitations set the tone for a fun-filled family gathering. Make your own invitation cards with the kids as a fun after-school activity. It’ll be a welcome break from homework!


Prize-filled eggs

Stuff plastic Easter eggs with prizes such as stickers, miniature toys, stationery, and candy bracelets. Make hard-to-find golden eggs an extra special treasure with $1 coins and $2 notes — just remember where you hid them.

Easter decorations

A garland of balloons is a simple yet festive way to decorate any space. And don’t forget to get some inexpensive baskets and attach name tags for the kids to write their names on.

Easter picnic

Refreshing drinks, popsicles, sandwiches and finger foods are great things to serve at an Easter egg hunt. Fill a picnic basket with snacks and Easter goodies. Or try your hand at making these sweet and savoury Easter recipes.

Hunting for Easter Eggs

If you have a large group of children, pair the younger kids with the older ones to keep the game fair and mark a home base for each team. When the hunt starts, one player from each team can take turns to find five eggs before returning to the home base and tagging the next team mate.

When you’re certain that all the eggs have been found, it’s time to tally the results and reward the winners with prizes. Have enough prizes for everyone, because everyone’s a winner at Easter.

Need some help with Easter egg hunt decorations? Our designers at honestbee have produced some egg-stra special Easter-themed drawings just for you. Download and print honestbee Easter illustrations.

Sweet and savoury Easter recipes

Celebrate Easter with a mouthwatering braised chicken dish, and homemade hot cross buns. These classic recipes are sure to be instant crowd pleasers. 

We hope you enjoy these recipe cards from our designers at honestbee.

Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

Savour the warmth of a familiar chicken meal over the long weekend, made more adventurous with a dash of chestnuts and tasty seasoning.

recipes-blog (1)

Recipe from Knorr

Hot Cross Buns

Previously synonymous with Easter, these buns are now making regular appearances in lunch boxes for the young and old. You’ve tried the store-bought version,  now try to make your own oven-fresh hot cross buns.


Recipe from Jamie Oliver

Get your Easter groceries delivered on the same day, within your selected 1-hour window. Shop now

7 egg-stra special offerings from our Easter store

Fill your basket with special treats from Anjali Chocolat, Gastronomia, and Da Paolo this Easter. Your sweet tooth will tingle for these masterful creations. Even though some of these chocolate extravaganzas are too beautiful to gobble up… at least, right away.


Anjali Chocolat Easter Bunny (50g) available in Belgian milk chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, and Belgian white chocolate, $10


Anjali Chocolat Easter Chicken (80g) available in Belgian milk chocolate, Belgian dark chocolate, and Belgian white chocolate, $12


Laurent Bernard Large Egg 12.5cm with 1 small rabbit, $40


Laurent Bernard Small Rabbits in plastic egg shell, $15


Da Paolo Bunny Cupcake available in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry, $4.80 each


Niederegger Marzipan Bunny & Egg Variation 175g, $23.80


La Molina Chocolate Egg in Jar 2 x 90g available in white chocolate and dark chocolate), $28.80


Check out more Easter specials at the honestbee Easter store now.

 Happy Easter!

honestbee in the past 180 days

honestbee_fact sheet2

#worldscoolestjob – HER journey

#worldscoolestjob – HIS journey

#worldscoolestjob Day 30 – HER version



I remember in the week 1 video, I kept hearing the words “first time”. First time we delivered, first time we met the shopper bees, etc etc. But now as the month comes to an end, it has been replaced with the “last time”. Here is my collections of things I’ve did for the last time. 




Bye van ?? I remember always dozing off when I’m inside. So warm and the scenery was hypnotizing and I went everywhere in it. When it was freezing ass cold, the van was a place where all of us could hide. So many memorable conversations happened inside too. 

(Going to miss the view for my daily commute)



well there is still a first time, which was when a sheet of ice was frozen on top the windows. Pretty surprised. I think it’s because I’m such a window condensation collector, but I wasn’t in the superhouse yesterday. Perhaps that’s why the remaining water froze. 



Bye phones which we had our orders on and used it to shop with. And also my source of wifi! HAHA. I really like the logo, just so happy, and well I do like yellow 😀 

Last time stapling and packing and putting them into yellow bags. 🙁

Last time with bee chan, going around the streets, prompting honestbee. I will always remember this because it was one of the toughest thing, being out in the cold for so long, and I’m not someone who can tolerate the cold very well. The heavy snowfall really doesn’t make it any easier. i remember numerous times when my hands gets so cold, it starts stinging. Nonetheless, it is always so nice when I told them about the service and they would get excited saying that it is such a good idea and they order! 

(Bee Chan spreading the love once more)

(Yuko and Kyko! They are usually the ones that I’m out with in the snow! Love them to bits)


(When I was saying how this is my last promotion, Kyoko, who was inside Bee Chan made a crying action *all those feels) 


Going to miss having Kyoko as my driver. She is the fastest driver amongst everyone. And with good reason! I remember there was once when we were rushing to reach a customer’s house before end of the hour. Wow, there was a point of time were I, ever so slightly, felt scared HAHA


Last time going to the supermarket which is my third home. The second being superhouse of course. This was also one of the first few places we went when we first came. A month has happened and so many memories were made inside here. 

(bye bye)


Last time following on a refuel trip and car wash. 


Last time collecting the condensation and having the satisfaction of seeing the water collected. You probably have seen tons of the same pictures. Sorry! It’s really gets quite addictive sometimes. 



Bye powdery snow that sometimes come all the way up to my shin. Bye piles and piles of snow. And the heavy snowfall. The picture below was the snow collected on my sleeves in about a minute, I kid not. 


And… Bye to the people I met here in Niseko. They are such precious people. Having our farewell dinner. Seems surreal that I’m actually going to leave. It seems all so sudden. AHHHHHHH~~~ 🙁




(love kyoko to bits! She gave me a farewell present)

(Dekiagari! Finished!) 

A final final group picture of the honestbee japan family. 


Especially to the people who have been working the same shift as me, Kyoko, Yuko and Yuta. <3 I’m going to miss this view. I still remember how they were so shy initially and they weren’t used to their photos being taken. But that has all changed. Even when we did the cheers, they all stopped with our mugs together because they knew we wanted to take a picture! Now, they would say things like, “danielle, please take picture” and of course I would co it delightedly! 

I miss them already… 🙁

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Day 30 – Time to sign off – HIS version

Deer meat. Heard of it?

Using my last day in Niseko to venture into a new type of meat – Deer. This little restaurant just opposite Kutchan station, recommended by snowshoe instructor Rob, is AMAZING.

Complimentary chocolates served with Hot Milk.

Today has been a snowy day, so I spent the afternoon at home catching up on some work.

At night though, nothing beats a dinner with the some of the best people I’ve met here.

Farewell gift from Kyoko. She’s laughing behind.

I honestly love the gift. Haha

These girls miss each other so so much.

This journey wouldn’t be so enjoyable without this group of people (and others who had left Niseko earlier). 

A simple dinner is all it takes to communicate how much we enjoy each others’ company. Nothing more is needed to be said. You all won’t be forgotten. 

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