Doing Our Best For Everyone

honestbee is Asia’s leading and trusted online concierge and delivery service. We add value to our customers’ lives by bringing them convenience. Quality is paramount to us. Our dedicated team of trained shoppers and speedy delivery bees work hard to bring the best products to our customers.


… doing our best to serve you better

Just like when you are shopping for yourself, some products may inevitably run out of stock for the day. We do our best to work closely with our partners to resolve this challenge, and we seek to provide the best replacement suggestions to our customers.

… doing our best to provide value

honestbee is a social impact business and we are committed to providing value to our bees in meaningful ways. This comes in different forms, including flexible work opportunities and fair compensation, as well as performance incentives based on demand and availability.

… doing our best to be transparent

Our compensation structure is simple and transparent. On average, a bee’s compensation is higher than the $7.00 per hour benchmark for standard part-time work. Every bee gets a variable hourly performance incentive. This resulted in 86% of our bees earning an average hourly compensation higher than the industry average.

… doing our best for our bees

We will continue to do our best to evaluate our compensation scheme regularly based on order volume, efficiency, and delivery costs. Our pay structure aims to strike a balance between rewarding the bees fairly, delighting our customers, and building a sustainable business.


Author: honestbee