Mum’s Day Off Recipes

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not #GiveMumTime to relax with a special homemade surprise?

Show her how much you love her with handcrafted meals all day, prepared with your loving touch. Ground rule: She isn’t allowed in the kitchen!

Start mum’s day with love

Turn a regular breakfast that she would make for you into a dish made just for her – with your very own creative touch.

Mummy Muffins
Hearty breakfast muffins for mums

Mummy Muffins

Toss to mum’s health and happiness

Convey your appreciation and well wishes with a zesty lunch time salad that contains bits of wholesome goodness in every bite.

Thank Q-uinoa Salad
Healthy salad for mum

Thank Q-uinoa Salad

Celebrate mum with a baked creation

Share a slice of home-baked cheesecake heaven together, over your favourite tea or coffee in the comfort of home.

Say Baked Cheese, Mum
Easy cheesecake recipe for mum

Say Baked Cheese, Mum Recipe

Serve mum a savoury treat

Impress her with your hidden culinary skills by cooking this presentable, delectable sirloin meal, complemented with a tantalising selection of dips.

Seared with Love
Savoury sirloin  beef recipe for mum

Seared with Love

Need ingredients? 

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Sweet and savoury Easter recipes

Celebrate Easter with a mouthwatering braised chicken dish, and homemade hot cross buns. These classic recipes are sure to be instant crowd pleasers. 

We hope you enjoy these recipe cards from our designers at honestbee.

Braised Chicken with Chestnuts

Savour the warmth of a familiar chicken meal over the long weekend, made more adventurous with a dash of chestnuts and tasty seasoning.

recipes-blog (1)

Recipe from Knorr

Hot Cross Buns

Previously synonymous with Easter, these buns are now making regular appearances in lunch boxes for the young and old. You’ve tried the store-bought version,  now try to make your own oven-fresh hot cross buns.


Recipe from Jamie Oliver

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Recipe | Supernatural Raw Protein Smoothie

Juice cleanses and diets may be all the rage now, but we prefer something with a bit more substance on a regular day. 

Here’s something sweet that will boost those nutrients. Thanks to medical nutritionist, Karin G. Reiter for this yummy recipe. 

Shop for all the ingredients at!

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Recipe | Homemade Nutty Crunch Granola

This a great healthy breakfast cereal that even kids will love. Serve with cold milk or Greek yogurt.


Grab your ingredients from now!

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recipe | classic ratatouille

Vegetarian? Welcome to your new pantry staple.

Thank you to our friend, Ian Low, The Silver Chef for this recipe.

Get all the ingredients at!

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chef made | JM Wagyu burger

Live large every once in a while.

Read on to find out how. Thank you to Benjamin Chan, Head Chef at Jimmy Monkey Café & Bar.

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recipe | classic aglio olio spaghetti

There’s only one word that can trigger instant comfort: pasta.

Known as The Silver Chef online, our friend Ian Low twirls up a lighter plateful of this delicious restaurant menu staple. Start salivating now.

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chef made | pan-seared seabass & tomato cauliflower relish

Imagine your home, but as a restaurant.

Thanks to Chef of Praelum Wine Bistro, Venkatesan Pavadaisamy, this is achievable. Try this dish on date night and that relationship would probably get serious, very fast.

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photo recipe | Kilo’s angelhair ebiko pasta

By Seraphina Woon

Today, we bring you a lovely pasta photo portfolio thanks to our skilled friends at Kilo Kitchen.

Who doesn’t love a good pasta dish? Easy to whip up and gut satisfying, Kilo’s Japanese influenced pasta has been one of the restaurant’s longtime crowd pleasers. Takes just under 20 minutes to make and guarantees a long, satisfying snooze after.

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chef made | crunchy honey drizzled feta

Moosehead Kitchen & Bar is a neighborhood gem. Progressive yet always approachable, here’s something beautifully simple they’re sharing for the weekend dinner table.

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