Andy Lau from Hong Kong and Danielle Lin from Singapore both 24, have emerged victorious, winning the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work in Niseko, Japan Jobscope: food shopping for Asia’s leading online grocery concierge service with a US$10,000 salary and all expenses paid.

#worldscoolestjob – HER journey

#worldscoolestjob – HIS journey

#worldscoolestjob Day 30 – HER version



I remember in the week 1 video, I kept hearing the words “first time”. First time we delivered, first time we met the shopper bees, etc etc. But now as the month comes to an end, it has been replaced with the “last time”. Here is my collections of things I’ve did for the last time. 




Bye van ?? I remember always dozing off when I’m inside. So warm and the scenery was hypnotizing and I went everywhere in it. When it was freezing ass cold, the van was a place where all of us could hide. So many memorable conversations happened inside too. 

(Going to miss the view for my daily commute)



well there is still a first time, which was when a sheet of ice was frozen on top the windows. Pretty surprised. I think it’s because I’m such a window condensation collector, but I wasn’t in the superhouse yesterday. Perhaps that’s why the remaining water froze. 



Bye phones which we had our orders on and used it to shop with. And also my source of wifi! HAHA. I really like the logo, just so happy, and well I do like yellow 😀 

Last time stapling and packing and putting them into yellow bags. 🙁

Last time with bee chan, going around the streets, prompting honestbee. I will always remember this because it was one of the toughest thing, being out in the cold for so long, and I’m not someone who can tolerate the cold very well. The heavy snowfall really doesn’t make it any easier. i remember numerous times when my hands gets so cold, it starts stinging. Nonetheless, it is always so nice when I told them about the service and they would get excited saying that it is such a good idea and they order! 

(Bee Chan spreading the love once more)

(Yuko and Kyko! They are usually the ones that I’m out with in the snow! Love them to bits)


(When I was saying how this is my last promotion, Kyoko, who was inside Bee Chan made a crying action *all those feels) 


Going to miss having Kyoko as my driver. She is the fastest driver amongst everyone. And with good reason! I remember there was once when we were rushing to reach a customer’s house before end of the hour. Wow, there was a point of time were I, ever so slightly, felt scared HAHA


Last time going to the supermarket which is my third home. The second being superhouse of course. This was also one of the first few places we went when we first came. A month has happened and so many memories were made inside here. 

(bye bye)


Last time following on a refuel trip and car wash. 


Last time collecting the condensation and having the satisfaction of seeing the water collected. You probably have seen tons of the same pictures. Sorry! It’s really gets quite addictive sometimes. 



Bye powdery snow that sometimes come all the way up to my shin. Bye piles and piles of snow. And the heavy snowfall. The picture below was the snow collected on my sleeves in about a minute, I kid not. 


And… Bye to the people I met here in Niseko. They are such precious people. Having our farewell dinner. Seems surreal that I’m actually going to leave. It seems all so sudden. AHHHHHHH~~~ 🙁




(love kyoko to bits! She gave me a farewell present)

(Dekiagari! Finished!) 

A final final group picture of the honestbee japan family. 


Especially to the people who have been working the same shift as me, Kyoko, Yuko and Yuta. <3 I’m going to miss this view. I still remember how they were so shy initially and they weren’t used to their photos being taken. But that has all changed. Even when we did the cheers, they all stopped with our mugs together because they knew we wanted to take a picture! Now, they would say things like, “danielle, please take picture” and of course I would co it delightedly! 

I miss them already… 🙁

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Day 30 – Time to sign off – HIS version

Deer meat. Heard of it?

Using my last day in Niseko to venture into a new type of meat – Deer. This little restaurant just opposite Kutchan station, recommended by snowshoe instructor Rob, is AMAZING.

Complimentary chocolates served with Hot Milk.

Today has been a snowy day, so I spent the afternoon at home catching up on some work.

At night though, nothing beats a dinner with the some of the best people I’ve met here.

Farewell gift from Kyoko. She’s laughing behind.

I honestly love the gift. Haha

These girls miss each other so so much.

This journey wouldn’t be so enjoyable without this group of people (and others who had left Niseko earlier). 

A simple dinner is all it takes to communicate how much we enjoy each others’ company. Nothing more is needed to be said. You all won’t be forgotten. 

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Day 28 – Ski Day with CEO

Woke up extra early today to join Joel and his friends for snowsports!


Skier and snowboarder since the young age of six, Shao Xing.

And long-time snowboarder, Olivia.

Pros don’t just get off the ski lifts until they are at the TOP.

So UP UP we go. 

“Go big or go home”

High demand of the last lift of the mountain. 

People are always looking for the BEST snow which is at the top.

KING Lift (No. 4)

Don’t worry, even though it says EXPERT, you won’t hurt yourself if when you fall because the snow is extremely soft.

Oh look, it’s only a 45 degrees slope. 

Having a last stretch.

Piece of cake. Thanks Shao Xing for keep giving us professional ski and snowboard advices. 

WARNING, NOT PIECE OF CAKE: Try not to go down pass this tree with a “strawberry” sign (unless you know what you’re doing). It was a disaster. I had to dig myself up from the snow every five seconds.

I didn’t take any photos during that time because everyone else was waiting for me. Sorry!

Today’s Bee-Chan special: 

Nine bags of beanies and neck warmers gone in minutes, THANK YOU. If you missed one, please come to our Super House! (Just next to the Hirafu Temporary Police station.)

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#worldscoolestjob Day 28 – HER version


And now we are going all the way up o.O WAY UP. All my life I have only gone up 1 lift, but today, we went up FOUR. You know I hate backing down from a challenge, so when they asked if I was okay with going further up each time, I was freaking out as hell, but I was like HELL YEA. Come on, go big and go home. So I just forced myself to go up. I mean going up is easy, it is going down that got me rethinking my life decisions. haha

(Yes, we went up there)

(Freaking out… following the motion behind Olivia)


(The sign reads: EXPERT COURSE. Caution. the lift down line is not available. Beyond this point. MOST DIFFICULT.

(the view is breath taking)

(Thinking what have I gotten myself into)

(are you ready? – beyond a field of white)

—– Stopped taking photos for a while ——

I was focusing on going down the slopes down. I felt really bad because I was the slowest and everyone else was so much better. But we were together as we descended, and I think that made all the difference. Especially Joel who stayed back with me to make sure I was doing okay and Shao Xing who brought me through the woods. And Olivia who I was shadowing behind. They are all so good! 


And we went into the woods! This path on the hanazono slopes is named “strawberry fields”, initially the slopes were so powdery we got stuck every 1 meter. Olivia and I got pretty held up here. But once the slopes had sharper decline! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG It was the absolute most fun I had! Damn. If it weren’t for them, I won’t have never dared to go in. But no regrets! 


So this concludes my snowboarding experience here in Niseko. This is my final time snowboarding for maybe the year, or who knows when will be the next time I will snowboard. But honestly, these are already the best slopes in the word. It will be excruciatingly difficult to find another which will come close. In the end, going down the expert course actually wasn’t that terrifying and it was extremely fun! But it was really because of the people I was with. So THANK YOU everyone for makings this the most memorable ride ever!


When you want to eat your food, but you have to take photo HAHA. Me meticulously grinding my seeds. It has been a month, and I have been eating japanese food every single day. But I ain’t sick of it! In fact, I don’t mind eating more of it! And I will have the chance to because I will be extending my trip to go around Sapporo and Tokyo once these 30 days are up. 


I managed to walk around Hirafu in more details today and look what I found hidden in one of the small alleys. Japanese sweet! We got these little sweet treats, I want to describe the texture of it, but I just can’t phrase it in words. 3 flavours, Sakura, white snow and green forest. But honestly, they taste all the same. 

Wish I had more time finding these hidden gems. But the cold really makes things very difficult. The weather is becoming colder and I can feel the difference today. What I would have normally worn on wasn’t enough. Guess it is time to layer up again 😐


Perhaps it is fitting to have to splurge on a meal before leaving. And here is our array of food I had with Zheng Wei. Bring on the seafood! Sorry got too busy eating to take a photo of us. Nevermind! Let the food take center stage for once! 

(got them shells)

(Got them sukiyaki)

(Got them beef)

(And got them hairy crab)


In the next few post, including this one, I will be saying a lot ‘last times’. I guess overall it is pretty bittersweet. But until then.. I shan’t get too emotional! 

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Day 27 – CEO came to say Hi!

Danielle and I woke up early this Sunday morning to try this Bakery & Cafe called Guzu Guzu, recommended by Pro-Powder Ski School’s owner, Dan.

SADLY, it was closed! 

LUCKILY, the soba restaurant next to it was open!

Having flexible hours really allows us to try anything we want in Niseko!

We still had a bit of time after having our soba breakfast, so we went across the street to L’ocanda cafe for another round of treats and coffee. :p





Today in super house, we had to make more of honestbee beanies because it was so popular.

And… Danielle decided to have a competition on who can put the leaflets in the fastest. 

Danielle is extremely competitive and good at this. So it was quite a surprised that our cheerleader, Aki, won.


Second came from make-up guru Yuko.


Last but not least. Haha


Andy Lau approved Mixed Berries Tea.


Today’s weather is a dramatic change from yesterday. Cloudy and super cold. 


Even my smart wool socks didn’t do. It’s hard to keep warm once you get cold. 


Tonight’s dinner was a SPECIAL one.





None other than honestbee’s big boss Joel Sng is in town for a few days. Zheng Wei had a challenge with him to see who can go down the ski slopes fastest. Stay tuned on tomorrow’s blog to see who won!

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#worldscoolestjob Day 27 – HER version


Some days are sunny, some days are snowy. Today is a bright and sunny one, damn! I know one of a regular was telling us that having a blizzard is the common weather here, but it has been much pretty sunny during the day and snowy at night this week! 


Niseko is very different from the rest of the markets honestbee engages in because it is a tourist town, the population here gets turned over very quickly. The average stay of each tourist is about a week. Therefore, marketing has to be consistently very high. Hit the street again with Kyoko and Aki. 



Because the weather was so good, we gave our more. The more we gave out, the more people knew about us. Numerous times, I had people coming to our store because they realized a lot of people were wearing our neck warmers and beanies. Aki taking 5 bags, I took 1 and a half from her afterwards. 


There were several times where I was giving out the beanies and neck warmers to the cars stopped at the traffic lights and I tried to spread the word as much as I can even as the green light turned on. I basically shoved it through the windows while tell them as much as I could HAHA


Scenery is a given in the restaurants here. This is something that I will miss when I go back into the city. When I’m back in Singapore, all I’d see is the concrete jungle. Nonetheless, I am going to ‘chiong’ as much things as I can before I have to leave. Hitting some familiar spots one more. 

(Finishing my food, gaining dem weight -_-)

(Chocolate Rozo from Locanda)


Bee-chan is a magnet! Everyone loves it and I do too <3 Despite how we initially though it was scary looking, I think bee-chan has grown on everyone. 🙂 We went to a few more places today, but I shan’t bore you with the details.

(The slopes were littered with people wearing these beanies)


I saw this really cute picture of a cup noodle mascot shoveling snow and I wanted to replicate it but with bee-chan and TADA! 

(While I was in the suit, I saw people looking and were interested, I took the opportunity to grab a bag and just gave them. They were so amused, love making people laugh. 


Joel and Olivia touched down in Niseko this afternoon and invited us for dinner at A Bu Cha 2. Before I left I asked Yuta what happened to A Bu Cha 1 cheekily, and he was stunned by the question and was stammering a little, I felt bad, me and my silly questions! Oops..

(Looking at this, I’m just thinking how much Cui Lin likes corn. She would have liked this. Miss her already!)

Tomorrow, all of us are suppose to have a challenge to see who reaches the bottom of the slopes first and the loser has to come down in their underwear. These people have been snowboarding since young or like every other day, I think I’m going to loose. o.O well, find out who wins and loses in tomorrow’s post! 


Week 3 at #WorldsCoolestJob

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