Enjoy Flexible Employment Opportunities with honestbee and Earn Up To $14 an Hour


Creating sustainable and flexible income opportunities

honestbee is an on-demand grocery concierge service. We match demand and supply in the delivery of groceries and household products. Our nimble and efficient business model enables Singaporeans from all walks of life to earn money on days and time slots that best suit their schedules.

We engage Singaporeans to take on both shopping and delivery tasks. Since launching in July 2015, honestbee has engaged over a thousand Shopper Bees (as they are affectionately known) in Singapore and our workforce continues to grow each week.

Complete a quiz and attend a training session to become a Shopper Bee

honestbee is growing quickly and we hope to double the number of Bees registered with us by the end of this year. We are actively working with WDA, the CDCs and various social enterprises to offer career opportunities to job-seekers.

Shopper Bees should fulfil the following requirements:

  • Singapore Citizen or PR
  • at least 18 years of age
  • use an iOS or Android smartphone
  • able to lift up to 10kg

Signing up is quick and easy – eligible applicants can simply log on to honestbee.com/become-a-bee to complete a simple quiz. Successful applicants will attend a training at the honestbee office to learn more about the role and to be equipped with the necessary skills to be a concierge shopper.

Earn up to $14 an hour as a Shopper Bee

As our business is built around an on-demand model, compensation offered to Shopper Bees is similarly dependent on demand and available supply. The Bee compensation structure is simple and transparent, and we communicate this to shoppers on a regular basis. The prevailing basic pay is $5.00 per hour with an incentive of $0.20 for each line item picked correctly. Shopper Bees who are able to handpick up to 45 items an hour (around 80 seconds to locate and pick each item), will earn $9.00 in incentives, and a total of $14.00 on an hourly basis. This is significantly higher than the typical part-time wage of $7.00 per hour in similar industries.

The life of a Bee

Here’s what some of our Shopper Bees are saying about their experience so far:

“I love being a Bee because it keeps me connected with the community when I help customers to shop! Being a bee also widens my knowledge on products, some of which I didn’t even know existed. It improves my multitasking skills, ability to work fast without making mistakes and to stay calm under pressure.”

“As a new Shopper Bee on the honestbee team, the experience has been very fun and enjoyable. The job offers a good balance of pace and increases your grocery shopping skills to a whole new level. The honestbee shopper team is warm and welcoming and from all walks of life. Imagine working with a team of friends! This simple routine of shopping for groceries has made me more service-conscious and more task-oriented.”

Broader opportunities with honestbee

honestbee constantly aims to increase the productivity of our Bees by innovating and leveraging technology. Improvements to our technology enable us to better match supply and demand, as well as help our Bees pick faster and more accurately. This increase in productivity enables our Bees to consistently earn more money.

We also provide guidance and encouragement to our Shopper Bees through our app, which enables them to build skills and be better equipped to perform their roles. Shoppers who perform well are then given the opportunity to take on more responsibilities and earn higher hourly compensation.

On top of offering on-demand work opportunities, honestbee strives to identify talent within our pool of Bees. Shoppers who consistently show excellent performance have been identified and invited to join our company on a full-time basis as supervisors or coordinators, or even other available roles within our company.

Author: honestbee