Eye health talk

As part of our continuing efforts to provide honestbee employees with learning opportunities and educational information, we organised a lunchtime talk on 31 January 2018 covering the topic of eye health. 

This talk was jointly arranged by Citibank, whose representative, Mr. Andy Yeo, kicked off the session by sharing some of the credit card promotions that Citibank has to offer. 

The eye health talk, titled “An Eye Opener to Your Health” was led by Optometrist, Ken Tong, Director/CEO of Optometric Services, Founder of Envision. Ken ran us through a variety of eye related issues such as glaucoma and myopia, shared some vital tips of how to take care of our eyes, and showed us an optometrist’s view of eyes and eye issues complete with graphic photos (thankfully we had all finished our delicious nasi lemak lunch sets)!

After his presentation, Ken gave a complimentary eye pressure check to all the attendees. What an eye-opening experience indeed!  


Author: alexandra hui