Out of stock? Not any more.

Your favourite grocery store may run out of your items sometimes. Let us help you get what you need. 

2 easy ways to get substitutes

 1. Let your shopper suggest

let shopper suggest setting in product details on honestbee

When you choose “Let shopper suggest”, your concierge shopper will contact you from the store (1 to 2 hours before your delivery is due) and suggest a substitute similar in price and quantity to your original choice.

You will receive a text message with a link to a simple web page where you can review it. You will have 5 minutes to do so. We won’t buy the substitute without your approval!

Web page where customers can review substitutes

2. Choose a substitute now

Already know what you want? Let your shopper know what to get by choosing a substitute on our website or mobile apps before checking out. 

choose a substitute now module on honestbee web

choosing substitute options on honestbee mobile app in product details

Select or change substitutes from your cart

You can easily edit substitute options in your cart too. Just click the substitute icon on your app or the website to select or change your chosen option.

how substitute options can be accessed from cart on web and app

substitute options on cart level web

We always try to find the best match 🙂 

We train our concierge shoppers how to pick the freshest produce, look out for in-store promotions for you and suggest the most suitable substitutes. We won’t suggest a Syrah if you ordered a Pinot!