Image consulting workshop in honestbee

As a startup, our daily outfit is casual and relaxed, but that does not mean we should not take the time to present ourselves in the best possible light. Our image consultancy workshop provided useful tips and tricks to help us look our best. 

Here in honestbee, we are fortunate to have so many colleagues with different skill-sets to share –  Charlene is just one such colleague. She has trained with 1 of 12 Image Masters in the world and is accredited by Image Asia. She is also a member of the Association of Image Consultants International.

On Wednesday 10 January 2018, Charlene imparted her knowledge of dressing right for one’s body shape through an hour-long workshop for some of the ladies in honestbee. This session gave us insights on determining our own body shapes, figuring out what sorts of dress shapes most flatter our bodies, and what sort of clothing proportions and types of shoes would help us project our best self forward.

Charlene ran a customised session where we enjoyed a one on one analysis of each of our bodies to classify each of us into a specific standard body shape. 

This session was quite the surprise for most of us as it seemed that we were not actually aware of our own body shapes and how we see our bodies is different from what they actually are.

Joey, one of the participants said, “It was like being re-introduced to my body, and getting to know it better!” 

The workshop was a great introduction to creating the best personal brand for oneself, while giving us the confidence to make the right selections for dressing for our shapes. We are looking forward to the follow-up workshop that will touch on selecting the right colours to suit one’s skin tone. 

Author: alexandra hui