Meet Dmitriv Lagura, a Filipino at honestbee Thailand whose inspirations come from Somtam (Thai papaya salad )

At honestbee, we are passionate about making every life moment better through food and we are on a mission to make great food experiences accessible to everyone. In this monthly series, get to know the bees behind honestbee and the food they are passionate about. We are present in 16 cities across eight countries, representing a diverse selection of cuisines and food choices. In food-obsessed Asia, what better way is there to know about a company or someone than through the food that inspires them.

For our first feature, meet Dmitriv Lagura, a Business Insight Analyst at honestbee Thailand.

Originally from the Philippines, Dmitriv has been working in Thailand for a year and joined honestbee in 2017. The fun-loving, versatile Filipino has since transitioned through a series of roles at honestbee and found his niche in marketing. He likes to make people laugh and has been entertaining the Thailand team with his rapping talent, even making his way into a few honestbee promotional videos on Facebook:

During his free time, Dmitriv enjoys playing the guitar and piano or exploring the streets of Bangkok to take photos and videos. Dmitriv has a jovial personality and values happiness more than anything else in life. When quizzed on what motivates him, he shared this quote with us:

We only got one life to live, the world is a beautiful place and I want to see what the world has to offer.

When it comes to work, there’s another serious side of Dmitriv. He shared with us that he would like to enhance his skills in cinematography and produce better videos for honestbee and our customers. To date, he has created a few videos for honestbee and he is planning to do more. Here are some of his works which he proudly showcased to us:

We look forward to seeing more amazing honestbee videos from Dmitriv!

Tell us about yourself and what you do at honestbee.

I love to play different kinds of sports and sometimes musical instruments, but my favorite hobbies would be photography and videography. I am Filipino but I can’t sing like one, but I can clean well though HAHA (sad life).

To me, what matters most in my life is “happiness.” We got only one life to live and doing things that makes me happy allows me to enjoy what life has to offer. That is why when my colleagues ask me to rap/dance or do something that is fun, I’m all for it. (#positivevibesonly)

I had a lot of different opportunities and exposures working at honestbee. I shifted from business development to operations, and now to marketing. At times I felt a little lost but ever since I made my first video content for honestbee, it ignited a fiery passion in me. For my career at honestbee, I would want to gain and develop “expert level” skills, producing video content for honestbee that would resonant with our customers to build stronger brand affinity.

What is your favourite food? And why?

Simple! Egg (sunny side up)  and rice. Why? It’s easy to make and easy to eat. If I am not happy or satisfied with one sunny side up; I can just make another one.

If someone asks you to bring him/her for the best food experience in town, where would you recommend?

Hmmm… If ever someone would ask me to bring him/her for the best food experience in town I would recommend eating street food. Real Thai cuisines are found on the streets, not inside the malls.  Whenever my colleagues and I eat out, we would eat at some shops in the alley because we know it will be good and cheap as well. The popular ones draw long queues and people are willing to wait just to get a taste of it.

Some such popular eateries can actually be found in our app and we believe having them is good, especially for the locals, because it saves them time from queuing.

There is have one popular eatery, JPueng Somtam, which is located just across our office. We frequently order from it using our app because it gives us more time to finish our work while waiting for our orders.

Share with us one of your favourite moments at work at honestbee.

I have a lot of cherished moments working at honestbee. I am blessed to have good people around me. We may have some ups and downs but at the end of the day we can always resolve  it and find ways to get things done.

One of my favourite moments with honestbee was when I discovered I can make rhymes and rap about honestbee. The “burger set” video you saw earlier was created from this moment. We were waiting for our order at a Mcdonald’s drive-thru and they took almost 30 minutes to fulfill our order. While waiting, the song “Mask Off” was on and an inspiration came to me. For some inexplicable reasons, I started blabbering rhymes like “Burger set, get your burger set, where to go get? honestbee, don’t forget.” That pretty much sparked the whole idea of me doing a rap video for our next burger campaign!

Memorable moments like this happened because of the people who were there with me at that time. These are also the same people who are patient with me and wants only the best for me and the company. We dedicate our time doing what needs to be done but also enjoy a bit of what life has to offer. They are the same people who allowed me to grow and motivates me to do more – 80% doing – 20% learning, that’s my work motto.

Author: Alvin Lim

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