Meet Joan, our office manager from the Philippines with lethal moves

Joan Estacio is our Bonifacio Global City, Philippines, Office Manager who was instrumental in getting honestbee launched in the Philippines. With her lethal moves, she’s grown the company from zero to hero!

When did you join honestbee

I joined honestbee on 15 February 2016 – I have celebrated my 2nd year in honestbee! I was hired the day before my birthday actually!

How did you come to know of honestbee and what made you apply? 

It was through a referral from a friend previously working in honestbee – Albert Go from the Hong Kong team.

What was it like when you first joined? 

There was a lot of planning and adjustments – we had to build everything from the ground up. We had to collaborate with different countries, taking lessons on how they started the business and how they were growing it, and learn from their experiences. There was constant communication with Roger Koh from headquarters, and he really helped us to reach for the stars. 

What is your fondest memory working in honestbee?

Roger asked the Philippines team (there were only six of us at the time) to stay in Hong Kong for a month to help to manage the growth of the business and at the same time; learn everything on how to run a city business. We stayed in Kowloon, which we referred to as “The Dark Side“. As a start-up, we had to be very focused on keeping costs down so we scrimped and saved wherever possible, especially with an unforgiving Hong Kong dollar to Philippines Peso exchange rate! Despite the struggles, I’m still thankful for the opportunity.

How would you describe working at honestbee now?  

Seeing the company grow from nothing to something is very rewarding. The pressure to succeed is much more intense I suppose, but the outcome is very rewarding. 

What do you like most about honestbee

I love the people!

What do you do for fun? 


What’s your favourite food? 

Chicken Curry! Yum!

What is your fondest childhood memory? 

My ballet and Wushu days, yes.. I used to be very flexible and deadly! Haha!

If you were not an office manager, what do you think you’d be doing? 

I think I would be a doctor because I’m actually the only one in my family not working in the medical field!

What are you grateful for? 

I am grateful for a great team, an inspiring boss and for the opportunity to work in this company and see it grow from nothing to something!

Author: alexandra hui