meet jon, our magical engineer

As our lead software engineer, Jonathan Low speaks often in code. His main conversation starter, however, is magic.

Photo by Rachel Tan

Really – this man is a self-taught magician. We have seen his card tricks and sleights of hand and are very impressed – he has even performed at international festivals. Sometimes we wonder why he’s even working here.

Well, it’s because Jon studied at the National University of Singapore and worked in Silicon Valley. A man of many talents, he also took a test to become a licensed tech recruiter: “The skills developed then has helped us in doing tech hiring and making our processes efficient and effective,” he said.

Jon’s passion for obtaining food is also not to be overlooked. He can dominate 42 high quality Hong Kong egg tarts in one sitting. He also plays instruments such as the cello, piano and guitar. 

This man can honestly fit into any corner of the world and amaze individuals in any city with his complex skill set, but he chooses Singapore for a simple reason.

“Right now, a lot of our best talents go overseas to Silicon Valley to work in companies like Google and Facebook. I’m hoping that through honestbee, we can build a great product and tech company in Singapore which will greatly boost the tech and start-up scene in Singapore and we can be able to retain our own tech talents or encourage them to take risks and build their own businesses.”


Author: honestbee