Meet Patrick Ang, our hardworking bee who is a familiar face in Serangoon, Singapore

Patrick Ang, 45, is born with cerebral palsy and travels around in a motorised wheelchair in Singapore. This has not stopped him from pursuing work as a delivery bee for honestbee and he has been an integral member of our crew since May 2018.

Always enthusiastic and cheerful as he goes about his daily work, Patrick is a familiar face in the Serangoon area where he likes to operate and is well-loved by the community there.

We caught up with Patrick again over the weekend when he was interviewed by the news crew at Channel 8 news. You can watch his interview here on Toggle (from 15:48).

In his interview, Patrick shared that he works 12 hours a day and chose to primarily operate in the Serangoon area because he is familiar with the routes and directions there.

Patrick Ang sharing his story with the Channel 8 news crew

Patrick is no stranger to the media and he was featured in a video interview by Lianhe Zaobao in December last year after a social media post about him went viral online:

Despite the media attention, Patrick approaches his work just like another other of our bee and takes pride in bringing joy to customers by delivering their orders to them on time and with great service.

“If you choose to do this job, you have to understand the traffic and the route yourself. Ninety five percent of customers will find it very surprising when they see a deliveryman in a wheelchair. However, when they see you often enough and get to know you, they will be more understanding.” Added Patrick.

At honestbee, our mission is to make great food experiences accessible to everyone. Powered by technology and community, we believe in providing equal opportunity to all who want to work with us and earn an honest living. Patrick is one such example and we are proud to have him in our crew, just like any other of our delivery bees.

Jonathan Ho, operations manager, honestbee Singapore

“A delivery bee just need to be able to deliver the food from point A to B within a specified timeframe. As long as this can be done, we welcome anyone to join us.” Shared Jonathan Ho, our operations manager at honestbee Singapore.

“For those on wheelchairs, sometimes, they may encounter difficulties when they are in an unfamiliar area and they encounter stairs or come across areas which are inaccessible for them. Passengers are usually very willing to help them. Otherwise, our operations staff will also render support if they approach us.” He added.

If you are interested to join our bee family, visit our official bee page to find out more.

Author: Alvin Lim

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