meet yusry, our engineer who runs with it

Most of the time, you can find Yusry standing very still in front of his laptop.

But early in the morning or in the early evenings, he takes off. Running, that is. From tutor, bus inspector and now software engineer who builds and implements our Product Hub, this is a guy who lives a colorfully coded lifestyle.


“I enjoy running, cycling, swimming and working out in the gym as well as fitness corners. I also enjoy other physical activities such as hiking/trekking and taking long walks. These are great for clearing the mind after busy week at work.”

Which is why he pioneered honestbee‘s Workout Wednesdays, where staff get together and attempt a light jog to places like Fort Canning Park. This usually ends in a walk – or a sprint when jaywalking. 

Honestly, most of the team may be more game for Yusry’s favorite indoor activities like playing Settlers of Catan, Saboteur and Bridge.

Apart from having very diverse interests, he’s a die-hard fan of the east and proudly calls himself an “Easty.” 

“I grew up in a kampong house in Geylang Serai. Moved to an HDB flat in 1984 about 200 meters away and have been living there ever since!”

Author: honestbee