Mum’s Day Off Recipes

Mother’s Day is just around the corner. Why not #GiveMumTime to relax with a special homemade surprise?

Show her how much you love her with handcrafted meals all day, prepared with your loving touch. Ground rule: She isn’t allowed in the kitchen!

Start mum’s day with love

Turn a regular breakfast that she would make for you into a dish made just for her – with your very own creative touch.

Mummy Muffins
Hearty breakfast muffins for mums
Mummy Muffins

Toss to mum’s health and happiness

Convey your appreciation and well wishes with a zesty lunch time salad that contains bits of wholesome goodness in every bite.

Thank Q-uinoa Salad
Healthy salad for mum
Thank Q-uinoa Salad

Celebrate mum with a baked creation

Share a slice of home-baked cheesecake heaven together, over your favourite tea or coffee in the comfort of home.

Say Baked Cheese, Mum
Easy cheesecake recipe for mum
Say Baked Cheese, Mum Recipe

Serve mum a savoury treat

Impress her with your hidden culinary skills by cooking this presentable, delectable sirloin meal, complemented with a tantalising selection of dips.

Seared with Love
Savoury sirloin  beef recipe for mum
Seared with Love

Need ingredients? 

Get fine cuts from our gourmet partners like Mmmm! or Butcher’s Dog,  or source for other items from Cold Storage or Fairprice. Order early to get your Mother’s Day groceries delivered conveniently on the same day, within your selected 1-hour window. Shop now!

Author: honestbee