StashAway financial talk

We can always do with a little help from the experts on matters surrounding budgeting, saving and investing  –  On 7 February 2018, StashAway’s CEO and co-founder, Michele Ferrario, took some time out of his busy schedule  to share his views on financial planning with honestbee Singapore staff. 

The talk, “Budgeting, Saving and Investing: What Your Financial Advisor Probably Has Not Told You” was well received as we were advised on how much we would need to retire comfortably, how much we would need to save in order to reach our goals, and some tips on choosing investment products wisely. 

honestbee’s Desmond K said of the talk, “this was a great learning session for me, a newbie to investing. It really helped me frame how I set and achieve goals, and gave me a better idea of how I can set up my investment portfolio.” 


Author: alexandra hui