Stop illegal wildlife trading now

Dear friends,

Do your part to help stop illegal wildlife trading today. 

Yesterday, you awoke to an email update about honestbee partnering with Explorer Joe Exotic Meats store. This store featured a variety of different endangered species like Pandas, Tigers and Whales seemingly packaged for consumption. The idea that these animals that are on the brink of extinction and yet readily available was probably disturbing to all because even all of us here at honestbee were similarly upset. It was always our intention to drive deep meaningful conversations around this subject.

What compelled us into taking such drastic actions? In recent months, we have found out that these animals; many endangered, can still be quite readily sourced and purchased in many markets around the world and increasingly even online today. In fact, according to the latest reports by World Wildlife Fund (WWF), the world is dealing with an unprecedented spike in illegal wildlife trade, threatening to overturn decades of conservation gains[1].

Despite having stringent laws in place, Asia today is still one of the key major geographical locations of illegal wildlife trade due to its efficient transport networks. Last year, in Singapore alone, six offenders were caught for the trafficking and possession of more than 200 wild and endangered animals [2].

As honestbee does not condone nor facilitate in the trade of illegal wildlife, we felt it is extremely important and urgent to highlight this global problem so that we, as a global nation, could be aware, enlightened and pro-active in taking measures to stop illegal wildlife trading. 

 As a regional online marketplace, we work with only reputable partners and even then, we screen all of their products and only when we have the confidence that their products have been ethically and sustainably sourced, do we bring them online. This way, our customers can purchase them with full assurance of quality.

Do join us in our efforts to help eradicate and stamp out wildlife crime and support these organisations that are working hard and focused on wildlife conservation and eliminating illegal wildlife trade today. Everyone can play their part, whether through reducing waste and ensuring sustainability of natural habitats or symbolically adopting an endangered species.

We would also like to invite all of you to spend a few minutes to head over to the various websites below to learn more about of the plight that these animals are in. Every snack and treat that you buy from Explorer Joe Exotic Treats will also be donated to several conservation organisations to support their cause.

Support by donating to these good causes.


Joel Sng
CEO and Co-Founder

 *You will only receive one Awareness pack regardless of the quantity and amount you pay. All proceeds will go towards wildlife conservation.

*charities include WWF, WRS, SaveTheKoala

*honestbee is not affiliated with the following organizations, all support and donations are between these organizations and yourself.



Author: Jonathan Low