Geok Lian’s guide to picking the freshest fruits & veggies in-store

Every fruit and vegetable has its own signature of freshness. Choosing the freshest and tastiest produce is a combination of seasonal knowledge, and using one’s senses.

As a housewife and part-time Shopper Bee, Geok Lian Ng makes it her duty to select the finest produce for her family and honestbee customers.

“Whether I’m shopping for my family or honestbee customers, I will take the time to choose the best fruits and veggies on offer.”


When it comes to handpicking the freshest produce in-store, you can trust honestbee concierge shoppers like Geok Lian Ng.

We caught up with Geok Lian as she shared some of her tips and tricks for identifying ripe fruits and ready-to-eat vegetables at the supermarket.

Tips for Choosing Fresh Vegetables

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don’t clam up on clams

When most people think of clams, they think of their steep prices served at Italian restaurants – the Vongole dish. In actuality, clams are very wallet friendly and their current pervasiveness in supermarkets cannot go unnoticed. But clams in general aren’t popular with many households only because some people are too lazy to clean them while others don’t know how to select good ones. So when it comes to clams, these bivalves are overlooked and undervalued. When you speak to chefs or seasoned cooks, they will tell you that clams are the easiest to prepare. Today’s variety of clams include the flower clams, the manila clams or the local white variety which can be picked up on our shores.

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