Day 27 – CEO came to say Hi!

Danielle and I woke up early this Sunday morning to try this Bakery & Cafe called Guzu Guzu, recommended by Pro-Powder Ski School’s owner, Dan.

SADLY, it was closed! 

LUCKILY, the soba restaurant next to it was open!

Having flexible hours really allows us to try anything we want in Niseko!

We still had a bit of time after having our soba breakfast, so we went across the street to L’ocanda cafe for another round of treats and coffee. :p





Today in super house, we had to make more of honestbee beanies because it was so popular.

And… Danielle decided to have a competition on who can put the leaflets in the fastest. 

Danielle is extremely competitive and good at this. So it was quite a surprised that our cheerleader, Aki, won.


Second came from make-up guru Yuko.


Last but not least. Haha


Andy Lau approved Mixed Berries Tea.


Today’s weather is a dramatic change from yesterday. Cloudy and super cold. 


Even my smart wool socks didn’t do. It’s hard to keep warm once you get cold. 


Tonight’s dinner was a SPECIAL one.





None other than honestbee’s big boss Joel Sng is in town for a few days. Zheng Wei had a challenge with him to see who can go down the ski slopes fastest. Stay tuned on tomorrow’s blog to see who won!

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