Day 28 – Ski Day with CEO

Woke up extra early today to join Joel and his friends for snowsports!


Skier and snowboarder since the young age of six, Shao Xing.

And long-time snowboarder, Olivia.

Pros don’t just get off the ski lifts until they are at the TOP.

So UP UP we go. 

“Go big or go home”

High demand of the last lift of the mountain. 

People are always looking for the BEST snow which is at the top.

KING Lift (No. 4)

Don’t worry, even though it says EXPERT, you won’t hurt yourself if when you fall because the snow is extremely soft.

Oh look, it’s only a 45 degrees slope. 

Having a last stretch.

Piece of cake. Thanks Shao Xing for keep giving us professional ski and snowboard advices. 

WARNING, NOT PIECE OF CAKE: Try not to go down pass this tree with a “strawberry” sign (unless you know what you’re doing). It was a disaster. I had to dig myself up from the snow every five seconds.

I didn’t take any photos during that time because everyone else was waiting for me. Sorry!

Today’s Bee-Chan special: 

Nine bags of beanies and neck warmers gone in minutes, THANK YOU. If you missed one, please come to our Super House! (Just next to the Hirafu Temporary Police station.)

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