#worldscoolestjob Day 28 – HER version


And now we are going all the way up o.O WAY UP. All my life I have only gone up 1 lift, but today, we went up FOUR. You know I hate backing down from a challenge, so when they asked if I was okay with going further up each time, I was freaking out as hell, but I was like HELL YEA. Come on, go big and go home. So I just forced myself to go up. I mean going up is easy, it is going down that got me rethinking my life decisions. haha

(Yes, we went up there)

(Freaking out… following the motion behind Olivia)


(The sign reads: EXPERT COURSE. Caution. the lift down line is not available. Beyond this point. MOST DIFFICULT.

(the view is breath taking)

(Thinking what have I gotten myself into)

(are you ready? – beyond a field of white)

—– Stopped taking photos for a while ——

I was focusing on going down the slopes down. I felt really bad because I was the slowest and everyone else was so much better. But we were together as we descended, and I think that made all the difference. Especially Joel who stayed back with me to make sure I was doing okay and Shao Xing who brought me through the woods. And Olivia who I was shadowing behind. They are all so good! 


And we went into the woods! This path on the hanazono slopes is named “strawberry fields”, initially the slopes were so powdery we got stuck every 1 meter. Olivia and I got pretty held up here. But once the slopes had sharper decline! OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG It was the absolute most fun I had! Damn. If it weren’t for them, I won’t have never dared to go in. But no regrets! 


So this concludes my snowboarding experience here in Niseko. This is my final time snowboarding for maybe the year, or who knows when will be the next time I will snowboard. But honestly, these are already the best slopes in the word. It will be excruciatingly difficult to find another which will come close. In the end, going down the expert course actually wasn’t that terrifying and it was extremely fun! But it was really because of the people I was with. So THANK YOU everyone for makings this the most memorable ride ever!


When you want to eat your food, but you have to take photo HAHA. Me meticulously grinding my seeds. It has been a month, and I have been eating japanese food every single day. But I ain’t sick of it! In fact, I don’t mind eating more of it! And I will have the chance to because I will be extending my trip to go around Sapporo and Tokyo once these 30 days are up. 


I managed to walk around Hirafu in more details today and look what I found hidden in one of the small alleys. Japanese sweet! We got these little sweet treats, I want to describe the texture of it, but I just can’t phrase it in words. 3 flavours, Sakura, white snow and green forest. But honestly, they taste all the same. 

Wish I had more time finding these hidden gems. But the cold really makes things very difficult. The weather is becoming colder and I can feel the difference today. What I would have normally worn on wasn’t enough. Guess it is time to layer up again 😐


Perhaps it is fitting to have to splurge on a meal before leaving. And here is our array of food I had with Zheng Wei. Bring on the seafood! Sorry got too busy eating to take a photo of us. Nevermind! Let the food take center stage for once! 

(got them shells)

(Got them sukiyaki)

(Got them beef)

(And got them hairy crab)


In the next few post, including this one, I will be saying a lot ‘last times’. I guess overall it is pretty bittersweet. But until then.. I shan’t get too emotional! 

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