#worldscoolestjob Day 30 – HER version



I remember in the week 1 video, I kept hearing the words “first time”. First time we delivered, first time we met the shopper bees, etc etc. But now as the month comes to an end, it has been replaced with the “last time”. Here is my collections of things I’ve did for the last time. 




Bye van ?? I remember always dozing off when I’m inside. So warm and the scenery was hypnotizing and I went everywhere in it. When it was freezing ass cold, the van was a place where all of us could hide. So many memorable conversations happened inside too. 

(Going to miss the view for my daily commute)



well there is still a first time, which was when a sheet of ice was frozen on top the windows. Pretty surprised. I think it’s because I’m such a window condensation collector, but I wasn’t in the superhouse yesterday. Perhaps that’s why the remaining water froze. 



Bye phones which we had our orders on and used it to shop with. And also my source of wifi! HAHA. I really like the logo, just so happy, and well I do like yellow 😀 

Last time stapling and packing and putting them into yellow bags. 🙁

Last time with bee chan, going around the streets, prompting honestbee. I will always remember this because it was one of the toughest thing, being out in the cold for so long, and I’m not someone who can tolerate the cold very well. The heavy snowfall really doesn’t make it any easier. i remember numerous times when my hands gets so cold, it starts stinging. Nonetheless, it is always so nice when I told them about the service and they would get excited saying that it is such a good idea and they order! 

(Bee Chan spreading the love once more)

(Yuko and Kyko! They are usually the ones that I’m out with in the snow! Love them to bits)


(When I was saying how this is my last promotion, Kyoko, who was inside Bee Chan made a crying action *all those feels) 


Going to miss having Kyoko as my driver. She is the fastest driver amongst everyone. And with good reason! I remember there was once when we were rushing to reach a customer’s house before end of the hour. Wow, there was a point of time were I, ever so slightly, felt scared HAHA


Last time going to the supermarket which is my third home. The second being superhouse of course. This was also one of the first few places we went when we first came. A month has happened and so many memories were made inside here. 

(bye bye)


Last time following on a refuel trip and car wash. 


Last time collecting the condensation and having the satisfaction of seeing the water collected. You probably have seen tons of the same pictures. Sorry! It’s really gets quite addictive sometimes. 



Bye powdery snow that sometimes come all the way up to my shin. Bye piles and piles of snow. And the heavy snowfall. The picture below was the snow collected on my sleeves in about a minute, I kid not. 


And… Bye to the people I met here in Niseko. They are such precious people. Having our farewell dinner. Seems surreal that I’m actually going to leave. It seems all so sudden. AHHHHHHH~~~ 🙁




(love kyoko to bits! She gave me a farewell present)

(Dekiagari! Finished!) 

A final final group picture of the honestbee japan family. 


Especially to the people who have been working the same shift as me, Kyoko, Yuko and Yuta. <3 I’m going to miss this view. I still remember how they were so shy initially and they weren’t used to their photos being taken. But that has all changed. Even when we did the cheers, they all stopped with our mugs together because they knew we wanted to take a picture! Now, they would say things like, “danielle, please take picture” and of course I would co it delightedly! 

I miss them already… 🙁

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